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Quantec is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, in the heart of one of the world's most renowned dairying regions. The Waikato Region is home to over a third of New Zealand's dairy farms. New Zealand's dairy production is almost exclusively grass-fed, pastoral grazing-based production, resulting in some of the highest content of milk solids in the world from a relatively low-stress environment.
Quantec specializes in the utilization of naturally-derived components from animal-derived materials. With a current focus on milk from dairy cows, Quantec has discovered a novel fraction of proteins with antimicrobial properties. For more information on Quantec products IDP™ and Cherr-x™, please see below.

In addition to being a rich source of traditional milk components, the cow's mammary gland produces a suite of components in response to various physiological challenges. IDP™ is a novel patent-pending complex of bioactive proteins from a natural source (milk). The filtration and extraction processes used in the preparation of IDP™ are unique.
While the bioactive properties of IDP™ were identified originally through studies and scientific research in the area of animal health, it soon became obvious that IDP™ also had significant potential in a wide variety of human applications such as foods, supplements, personal care and cosmetics. IDP™ is currently distributed in the United States by E.T. Horn Company.
A joint venture partnership between Summerfruit Orchards, Ltd. and Quantec Ltd. came together in 2007 to form Intenza. The mission of the venture was to consider the possibilities of the unique ripening conditions in and around specific growing regions of New Zealand, with a primary emphasis on sweet cherries. The orchards, based in Central Otago on the South Island of New Zealand, are located in one of the most intense ripening regions of the world. As a direct result of this location, the growing region produces not just high quality summer fruits for export, but fruit with some of the highest bioactive levels in the world. As a result of research and development work by Intenza over the past 24 months, the company has produced and characterized the unique properties of New Zealand grown sweet cherries. This resulted in the production of a new product: Cherr-x™, a high bioactive sweet cherry powder.


Trinity Bioactives conducts independent scientific tests to identify and support the development and marketing of products with health benefits derived from natural products. They reduce the time it takes to develop a new product by using a readily available range of assays and models to characterize the biological activities. Trinity works to identify actives and perform in vitro diagnostics to confirm efficacy of human and animal nutraceuticals.
Trinity has more than 150 operational in vitro and in vivo tests and models that can be customized to the customer’s particular needs. These are used to investigate bioactivities and bioavailability associated with a wide range of natural products, compounds, preparations, extracts and developed products.

Anagenix was established in November 2007 as a response to the growing consumer needs for functional food and beverage ingredients with a proven and meaningful health benefit. Because of the pristine environment and the high bioactive levels of its fruits and plants, Anagenix is committed to source as many of the novel ingredients from their home base of New Zealand.
Anagenix has experience and a successful record in commercializing New Zealand ingredient brands internationally, coupled with their respected research partners, and has built a number of food and beverage ingredients with scientifically substantiated health benefits. These products are branded and marketed with a strong intellectual property position. For more information on Anagenix product Actazin™, please see below.

Actazin™ is a new digestive supplement ingredient, manufactured from New Zealand’s own superfruit, the kiwifruit, which has been clinically proven to support gut health by improving regularity and other long term digestive health benefits.
The patented production process protects the bioactives in Kiwifruit and makes the complex of standardized enzymes, prebiotics, polyphenolics and fiber more bioavailable (more available for absorption into the body) than it would be by just eating a whole kiwifruit. Actazin is currently distributed in the United States by Global Marketing Associates, Inc.

BLIS Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells advanced probiotics worldwide. Their core business is the commercial development of beneficial bacteria that are clinically proven to promote human health, and have the added advantage of producing the anti-bacterial substance called BLIS (Bacteriocin-Like Inhibitory Substance). BLIS K12™ and M18™ are distributed in the United States by Frutarom USA, Inc. For more information on BLIS Technologies Ltd. products BLIS K12™ and BLIS M18™, please see below.

BLIS K12™ is the world’s first and only probiotic clinically demonstrated to benefit the mouth and throat. BLIS K12™ is an S. salivarius strain that was originally isolated from a healthy child who, when tracked for several years, did not develop sore throats. This organism was then extensively safety-tested and has now been commercially used for more than 5 years as BLIS K12™.
BLIS K12™ is unique when compared to other S. salivarius strains in that it is able to naturally produce two potent anti-microbial proteins that can act against bacteria implicated in Strep sore throats, halitosis (bad breath) and other potentially undesirable bacteria implicated in diseases in the oral cavity. BLIS K12™ is distributed in the United States by Frutarom USA, Inc.
BLIS M18™ is strain of S. salivarius for the prevention of dental caries. It functions as a tooth guard probiotic that can provide a range of protective activity for the teeth.
M18 has strong BLIS activity by helping to protect the teeth from the bacteria, which are known to cause bacterial tooth decay.
M18 also has Dextranase activity. Dextrans are the polysaccharide glue, which keeps the dental plaque and biofilm in tact. Dextranase produced by BLIS M18 is an enzyme that breaks up the Dextran-based glue and makes dental pathogens susceptible to destruction from BLIS activity.
M18's urease activity helps to protect the teeth from acid erosion associated with high acid foods in the diet. It has the ability to convert the urea, which is naturally secreted continuously (in the range of 3 to 10 mM) in saliva of healthy individuals into ammonia, which can neutralize the acids on teeth. This is not a common attribute of oral bacteria. BLIS M18™ is distributed in the United States by Frutarom USA, Inc.
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